Solar Power World magazine’s annual list includes Tempe-based solar installer

(Tempe, Ariz. — September 1, 2020)—Although the COVID-19 pandemic is the immediate crisis unfolding at the moment, mitigating climate change is also an urgent issue. Solar PV installation is one way to help reduce greenhouse gases from fossil fuels. Solar Power World has recognized the efforts of solar contractors across the United States in its 2020 Top Solar Contractors list, where local solar installer Sunny Energy achieved a rank of 146 out of 407 companies.

The Top Solar Contractors list is developed each year by Solar Power World to honor the work of solar installers big and small. Solar firms in the utility, commercial and residential markets are ranked by number of kilowatts installed in the previous year. Companies are grouped and listed by specific services (developers, electrical subcontractors, EPCs, installation subcontractors, rooftop installers), markets and states.

“The Solar Power World team is so pleased to highlight more than 400 companies on the 2020 Top Solar Contractors list, especially during this unprecedented time,” said Kelsey Misbrener, senior editor of Solar Power World. “All contractors featured on the 2020 list reported strong 2019 installation numbers and are continuing to stand tall this year.”

This year’s collection of over 400 Top Solar Contractors is facing obstacles that this industry has never seen before. The first quarter of 2020 was the country’s biggest ever, with 3.6 GW of new solar capacity added. But COVID-19 impacts showed their force in Q2, and Wood Mackenzie is forecasting residential and non-residential markets will see 25% and 38% decreases in year-over-year installation volumes this year. 

“The pandemic definitely threw all of us a curveball,” said Chris Wood, co-founder and director of business development at Sunny Energy. “We strive to keep our neighbors protected and secured by going solar, but we also wanted to do a little bit more in this time of need. In doing so, we proudly donated solar-powered generators to COVID-19 testing sites around the Valley, which helped sustain laptops and essential equipment on the frontlines.”

Wood also stated Sunny Energy is offering remote consultations and contact-free installations in order to secure the safety of its customers and employees. 

In addition to persevering through this turbulent time in history, the 2020 class of Top Solar Contractors is continuing to innovate by adding energy storage to their offerings. 

“These times are definitely uncertain and the truth is, it’s nice to provide a little peace of mind,” said Wood. “Installing a solar + storage system will ensure your lights stay on in the event of a power outage. You will also have the reassurance that you’re saving money, helping the environment, becoming less dependent on utility companies, and making a beneficial investment on your home.”

However, in order to take full advantage, Wood stated that now is the time to go solar in order to maximize savings. This is largely due to the federal tax credit, which is set to expire at the end of 2021. 

“Currently, all homeowners who install solar will receive a 26% tax credit, which helps offset the overall cost of installation,” said Wood. “In the year 2021, the credit reduces to 22% before it completely ceases in 2022.”

In addition, consumers will also see a change in export rates for both APS and TEP customers in the near future.   

“APS customers who go solar in the next few weeks will be grandfathered into the current and much more favorable rates,” said Wood. “Similarly, TEP export rates will change Oct. 1, so purchasing solar beforehand means you are locked into their current rate for the next 10 years.”

Sunny Energy employs 46 workers who installed 6,270.4KW of solar power in 2019. Since its founding in 2014, the company has installed 20,080.0KW of solar. The company is dedicated to helping homeowners take control of their personal energy, save money on electric bills, reduce carbon footprint and break free from utility monopoly. 

“We are truly honored and proud to be nationally-recognized, BBB Accredited and A+ rated, and named one of the top solar contractors in the country by Solar Power World Magazine five years and counting,” said Wood. “It all stems from our mission to provide our customers with the very best experience in going solar. After all, we don’t want to be the biggest solar installation company, just the best.”

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