Protect Yourself from Rising APS Rate Hikes with this Hidden Solar Incentive

While temperatures have cooled down, utility bills are still rising thanks to a APS rate increase that went into effect in August.

APS Customers Shocked by Increasing Utility Bills

Many customers are frustrated after seeing an increase of 10% – 15% on their monthly bills.

Today, theRepublic reported on these increases after hearing from APS customers who are getting their bills following the rate changes: “This is literally taking food directly out of my mouth,” Phoenix customer Ron Geddling wrote to the regulators after getting his first new bill. “This is absolutely the worst robbery of my money I have ever seen … I will now be going hungry in order to make APS a little richer.”

Hidden APS Solar Incentive

But not all APS customers are seeing increasing electric bills, in fact some have taken advantage of an APS incentive that has helped them drive down their electric bill to nearly zero.

Most people don’t know that APS also added a fantastic new incentive for new solar customers. Called the export rate, it allows new solar owners to sell energy from their solar system at a rate that is often higher than what they would pay APS. And APS will guarantee that this rate will not change for at least ten years.

“Many homeowners in Arizona installed solar this summer in advance of the APS rate hikes. They are enjoying the savings today but it isn’t too late to protect yourself and your family from these risings costs,” said Joe Cunningham, Director of Operations at Sunny Energy. “We’re helping homeowners take advantage of the APS incentives and build a solar home system that helps them lock in savings today and not be at the mercy of rising rate hikes.”

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