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Harness the Sun: 5 Benefits of Going Solar in 2021

Harness the Sun: 5 Benefits of Going Solar in 2021

Are you considering going solar?

If so, you’re in the right place to do it. Arizona consistently ranks as one of the sunniest places in America, with Phoenix and Tucson at 85% sunny days, from sunrise to sunset, being sunny. Further down the list, you’ll see Flagstaff at 78 percent.

The convenience of living in a prime location for solar isn’t the only reason to consider it, though. Going solar offers several benefits—to the homeowner, to the planet—that are worth thinking about. We touch on some of them below.

1. Solar Is an Affordable Upgrade That Eventually Pays for Itself

There aren’t many things you can buy for the home that wind up saving you money in the long run. There are your major appliances—dishwasher, washer and dryer, fridge, etc.—and that’s about it.

With solar, you’ve got one more way to go green at home. Just like getting a more efficient dishwasher or an Energy Star-certified refrigerator, solar begins saving you money right away.

With the abundant sunshine available in Arizona, you’ll have no lack of a power source. An inverter in solar panels converts power to AC power, exactly like what you already use. This directly translates to lowered energy bills.

Within a with years, and with an installation cost of under $10k, you’ll have saved enough money on electricity to break even—and then some.

2. Solar Is a Low-Maintenance Addition

The last thing any homeowner wants is another chore. Luckily, solar panels require little to no upkeep from you.

Occasionally, you’ll want to clean the solar panels, especially if they’re beginning to accumulate dirt or debris. Aside from that, solar panels require little from you and have no moving parts to worry about.

You also don’t need to change your appliances, making that first installation the last one.

Additionally, nothing within the home will have to change—no rearranging, no plotting out space, no hassle. Once the site is surveyed, designs drawn, and permits pulled, professionals will install solar panels, a few logistics get worked out, and the rest is out of sight, out of mind.

3. There Are Even More Financial Incentives—Tax Ones

Did you know there’s a federal solar tax credit? It’s also known as the ITC, or investment tax credit.

The federal tax credit for going solar is no small number. It’s 26 percent through the end of 2022. That means that, on their 2021 federal taxes, homeowners are allowed to deduct up to 26% of the cost of purchasing and installing solar panels on their property.

In 2023, it’ll go down to 22%. By 2024, it will drop to 0, unless the new administration extends it further. So, if you’ve been sitting on this decision for a while, the time is now.

Do you own a business, too? In 2024, there’ll be a permanent 10% tax education for commercial solar.

4. Going Green Is Easy When Going Solar

You’ve heard plenty of talk about how solar energy is good for the environment—but how, exactly?

According to the US Energy Information Administration, using solar energy doesn’t produce any greenhouse gases or air pollution. In fact, it can actually have a positive effect on the environment, as it replaces and reduces the need to use other energy sources. While this is an indirect benefit, the connection between the two is crystal clear.

Simply put, the sun is an abundant, neverending resource (Arizonians can attest to that). The sun produces more energy in a single hour than the world uses in one year. Just think about the large effect this can have on the environment.

Thankfully, solar plants are on an upward trend, giving carbon-emitting power plants something to fret over.

5. You’re Protected Against Rising Energy Costs

If you’re not sure your current bills are high enough to justify the price of solar, know this—electric bills are going up while the cost of solar is coming down.

Over the last ten years alone, residential electricity rates in the Arizona gone up over 25%.

This trend is not expected to plateau or even see a downward turn—quite the opposite, in fact. Natural gas prices are expected to go up soon, and gas and electricity rates go hand in hand. Additionally, with climate changes, energy consumption has gone up and is expected to grow another 1.4% by 2023.

Even when you get comfortable with a certain energy price, there’s no guarantee it’s there to stay. Electricity rates fluctuate based on several different factors. Meanwhile, solar can provide a buffer against inevitable fluctuation.

So, while people around the globe are paying skyrocketing energy bills, you’ll be getting what’s essentially free energy once your solar has paid itself off. If you want to protect yourself not only now, but later, then solar is your best bet.

The Benefits of Solar Energy are Stellar:

When considering upgrades to your home, solar is one that gives back—to you and to the environment.

Solar reduces our energy bills and our carbon footprints. Its initial cost is soon replenished in savings, making the return on investment a significant advantage. And if someday you ever choose to sell your home, solar grants you up to 4% more on your asking price.

At Sunny Energy, we make going solar in Arizona easy.

Click here for a free quote from us and learn more about how you can make the switch to solar.

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