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Is solar a scam? Not if you avoid the slimy solar salesmen

Is solar a scam? Not if you avoid the slimy solar salesmen

Sometimes it seems solar gets a bad rap.

But why?

Producing your own clean, smart and reliable energy allows you to obtain freedom from utility companies— and their rising rates. It saves you thousands on your energy bill and also lowers your overall carbon footprint. Going solar not only increases the value of your house, but it’s also the only home improvement investment that pays for itself— and continues to pay!

So what is all the fuss about?

Perhaps it’s not solar itself. Instead, it stems from the slimy solar salesmen who boost exaggerated benefits and make endless promises. It’s all in effort to make a quick sale instead of a long-term relationship. They are pushing to get your money instead of taking the time to truly educate, guide and direct you. They pressure you into making a major decision and move onto the next.

It’s almost like a used car salesman who is more concerned with selling you the car before taking the time to genuinely understand you and your goals.

So, how do you prevent yourself from falling for the slimy solar sales pitch?

You become a smart consumer. You ask questions. You make the right decision because it is right for you.

And how do you do that?

1: Ask about the company’s reputation

Look for stability in your solar installer. You’ll want to find a company that has developed a great reputation over a number of years with a long track record of satisfied customers from projects similar in scope to yours.

Be sure to read customer reviews, check for company ratings, look for industry awards and confirm they are both certified and accredited.

2: Learn what financing options are available

Funding for solar depends on your lifestyle, taxable income, personal preference and your desired savings. Therefore, it’s important to find a solar installation company that offers financing solutions in order to meet your needs and goals.

There are typically three ways to purchase a system: cash, finance and lease – all of which have their own set of requirements and advantages. Be sure to discuss these options so you can make an educated decision that is right for you.

And don’t forget to ask about both state and federal incentives that can offset the cost of installation.

3: Ask about additional technology

Installing solar can be a great investment for you, your family and your home. But it doesn’t have to stop there!

In order to maximize savings, look for a company that offers additional services and smart technology.

For example, energy consumption monitoring technology can help give you a firm understanding of how you use energy, and where your energy dollars go. Integrating solar with battery storage and an energy management system, will most often improve your return on investment in solar, while providing added security for you and your family. Saving money isn’t limited to just creating your own personal energy. For the most cost-effective solution, energy management tools can help you automate energy use, grid demand and household comfort.

4: Remember, solar isn’t for everyone

Let’s circle back to that used car dealership. Once you step foot on that lot, you are officially bait. They will do anything and everything to get you to buy that car— even if it isn’t exactly what you want… even if the car has issues.. even if it’s out of your price range. They hit you hard, on the spot, to sell you the vehicle anyway.

However, solar is not a sale.

Because here is the truth: solar is not for everyone!

Perhaps it’s due to the direction of your house, possibly your roof is not suitable, or maybe the cost outweighs the benefit due to how you consume energy.

Solar is not one size fits all. It is custom for you, your home, your needs and your goals.

It’s important to find an installation company that is willing to work through all the dynamics to ensure this will be a profitable investment for your future.

5: Do not make a rushed decision on a long-term investment

As we have always said, going solar should never be a rushed decision. Never feel pressured to sign a contract without discussing all of the specifics. You need to know what your goals are— are you looking to save money, reduce carbon footprint, break free from utility company monopoly, add security for your family? Have you discussed the ways in which you can finance the system? Do you feel confident that the solar installation company will design a system that results in your maximum savings, instead of their bottom line? Are you sure that this company will be with you every step of the way? Can you ask questions at any time?

Stay informed. Stay educated.

The truth is…

Sunny Energy is deeply passionate when it comes to homeowners taking control of their personal energy. We love helping consumers save thousands on their utility bills while helping to make our environment more sustainable. We see the power of going solar and we are always integrating the latest technology.

However, we also take a different approach.

We don’t want to be the biggest solar company…. we simply want to be the best.

We have installed thousands of solar systems across Arizona and California. We are 5-star rated from real, customer reviews… we have an A+ rating from the BBB… we are listed as a top solar contractor in the U.S. and we’re NABCEP certified in order to meet the highest standards of excellence in solar installation.

For the simple reason that we CARE…we don’t “sell”.

We care that you become a smart consumer, we care to walk you through the process, we care about your investment, we care about your needs and your home, and we care that you have the very best experience when going solar— from start to finish.

Are you ready to see why so many homeowners choose us? Give us a call at: (480) 536-8700 or contact us for a free, hassle-free consultation:

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