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Congress Extends Solar Tax Credit + Sunny Energy Offers Solar Rebate

Congress Extends Solar Tax Credit + Sunny Energy Offers Solar Rebate

Get 26% Solar Tax Credit and Sunny Energy’s 4% Rebate for 30% Savings

Did Congress Extend the Home Solar Tax Credit?

To help homeowners pay for home solar, the Federal government has offered a solar tax incentive over the last few years.

  • In 2019, homeowners could get a 30% Solar Federal Tax Credit.
  • In 2020, it was reduced to a 26% Solar Federal Tax Credit.
  • And in 2021, it was due to be reduced to 22%. But Congress just passed a bill that extends the 2020 incentive so homeowners can still get a 26% Solar Federal Tax Credit.

So this got us thinking – wouldn’t we all like to go back to 2019? So why not turn back the clock?

For a limited time, Sunny Energy is offering a 4% cash rebate on financed solar installation purchases. That means, if you use the 26% Federal Tax Credit, you’ll save 30% – just like 2019!

Our team of solar consultants have helped thousands of homeowners go solar in Arizona, which is why we’re ranked #1 in Arizona and nationally recognized as a leading solar installer. We’ll help you make sure you get all the available incentives to maximize your savings.

Start 2021 off right, by saving like it’s 2019!

Turn Back the Clock Solar Savings – 26% Federal Tax Credit plus an additional 4% rebate from Sunny Energy

– Plus, 13 months of payments paid by Sunny Energy, as a rebate to you!

– Peace of mind knowing you’ll get the maximum savings!

*Must finance system to qualify. Sunny Energy pays 4% cash rebates after installation. Must qualify for the 26% Federal Tax Credit.

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