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SRP Customers: Ways to maximize your savings with solar + battery storage

SRP Customers: Ways to maximize your savings with solar + battery storage

Temperatures are climbing in Arizona, and so are utility bills! As summer heats up in the Valley of the Sun, here are 3 ways to make sure you’re maximizing your energy savings.

1.Make your own energy – go solar

As energy costs rise, more and more Americans are looking to become energy independent. By going solar, homeowners are producing their own clean, inexpensive energy and taking control of their personal energy. You don’t have to be at the mercy of your utility company’s price hikes.

By installing solar on your home, you can make your own energy – lowering your electricity costs and protecting yourself against rising electricity prices. Many homeowners are surprised to find out how affordable it is to install solar. Solar is the only home improvement that pays for itself, adds value to your home, and continues to provide returns on investment.

What’s even better? Going solar has a positive impact on the environment because instead of burning fossil fuels you’re generating your own clean energy and dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Don’t give your energy away – add battery storage

With solar, any energy you don’t use goes back to the grid. But you don’t have to give away your earned energy. You can now store it! Adding battery storage to your home solar system can help you save even more money on your utility bill. By storing electricity, you can use your own energy during peak usage time when energy is more expensive, or to offset peak demand costs if you have demand charges from your utility.

No matter what the utility companies do to reduce solar incentives, eliminate net metering or increase rates, solar with storage helps you become more independent, and helps reduce your utility costs. And in the event that the grid goes down, your family won’t be left in the dark!

3.Take advantage of savings and incentives – act now, space is limited!

The Salt River Project (SRP) recently released an incentive for existing and non-existing solar customers that will help them save even more on their utility bill and will allow the consumer to control their demand especially during peak hours.

SRP is offering an up to $1,800 rebate for new and current solar customers who add a battery storage system to their solar system. This opportunity is only available to the first 4,500 customers – so act fast!

Combining solar and battery storage for your home can help you and your family become energy independent. How do you get started? Sunny Energy is recognized as an award-winning solar company and is a certified LG Chem installer and is one of the only certified Tesla PowerWall installers in the state of Arizona. Our team of industry veterans can help you maximize your energy savings.

Call us today to learn more – 480-257-3283

Sunny Energy was featured on Arizona Family discussing the growth of battery storage in Arizona. Watch the full interview with Arizona Family here:

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