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Tips for Choosing the Right AZ Solar Companies

As a sunny state that does not lack sunlight regardless of the season, Arizona is one of the best places to explore solar power. With environmentally friendly energy becoming more popular in the current society, people are embracing solar energy. However, given that there are several AZ Solar companies, it can take time to choose which company to go for. 

Here is a detailed guide that will assist you in identifying the basic criteria as you search for Arizona’s top-rated solar companies for a hassle-free and rewarding solar power journey.

Factors to Consider When Choosing AZ Solar Companies

1. Company Reputation and Qualifications

To go solar, one has to decide on the company to work with, and it should be a reputable and experienced company that offers solar services in Arizona. First, use a search engine to research “Solar Power Companies near me” and then go to Google, Yelp, or the Better Business Bureau to compare the information from various customers. Search for comments highlighting reliability, courteous customer relations, and professional installation from clients of these Arizona solar contractors.

Experience is also another factor that may be considered when identifying a company because experience speaks volumes about credibility within the industry. The companies that have been offering the services for many years, particularly the best Arizona solar companies, are most probably the ones that have faced some challenges in the industry and enhanced their ability to offer the best services.

Make sure that the company has relevant accreditations such as those from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). These certifications show compliance with the generally accepted standard in the profession.

2. Financing Options and Incentives

It should be noted that while cost savings are assured in the long run with solar power, the upfront costs may be high. Hence it is useful to come to terms with what financial sources are available and which incentives will apply. Solar companies provide different kinds of financing opportunities, such as solar loans, lease options, and PPAs. Many of these options come with specific terms and conditions; therefore, it is advisable to analyze the different options available and settle for the one that best fits your needs.

Arizona offers several categories of incentives to promote the use of solar power. The Federal business investment tax credit which also applies to solar energy lets you deduct a large portion of the costs of installation on your federal taxes. Furthermore, there are other potentials such as tax credits and tax rebates offered by the state. It is usually recommended to work with experienced AZ Solar companies to lead you through these incentives while obtaining optimum benefits.

Do not forget to ask about any extra bonuses or rebates from the local utility company. Some providers have programs that are dedicated to encouraging the installation of solar PVs within the service territory.

3. Equipment Quality and Warranties

Another crucial factor relates to the efficiency and the quality of the solar panels for your solar system’s efficiency and durability. When discussing solar panels, efficiency represents the measure of the share of the sunlight that can be converted into usable electricity. These types of panels require less space to produce more power, thus, ideal if you have a scarce roof area.

When requesting quotes, investigate the manufacturers for the different solar panels the company installs. There are AZ solar companies with good production standards that offer quality and long-lasting panels with a full warranty. Usually, the warranties of solar panels last for 20-25 years and offer protection against defects in materials and workmanship.

4. System design and installation process

The design of a solar system depends on the individual use and characteristics of the property to ensure efficiency in the production of energy and cost savings. The AZ solar companies should engage in a site inspection to determine the readiness of your roof for solar power by assessing its features such as tilt, shading, and configuration. This assessment provides the foundation for developing a proper and efficient system.

Do not settle on generic solutions and look for a company that offers unique designs. The design factors such as the consumption of electricity, the size of the solar panels, and other aspects of any roof that should be taken into consideration 

It is also important to note that professional installation is just as crucial. Make sure that the company that installs the solar technology, uses certified and experienced workers who meet the set standards. Proper installation ensures the system is safe for use, durable, and will work efficiently without breaking down.

5. Warranties and Customer Service

Warranties and customer service are crucial factors in the assessment of an Arizona solar company’s practices and customer satisfaction. Besides the product warranty, any reputable company that handles such installation work should provide a workmanship warranty. This warranty usually lasts between 5 to 10 years and it affords you protection against any installation problems that may arise.

Proper customer care is essential to resolve any issues or queries that may occur before, during, or after the installation. Select AZ Solar companies that have available representatives who will clearly explain the choices and policies of the company.

There are also companies offering maintenance packages, and remote monitoring to guarantee that your system remains in optimal condition. These services can be useful in detecting potential problems and getting the most out of your solar investment.

6. Licencing, Bonding, and Insurance:

In Arizona, solar installers are required to hold a valid contractor’s license from the Registrar of Contractors. This license demonstrates the installer’s qualifications and adherence to state regulations. Additionally, the company should provide proof of insurance, including general liability coverage and workers’ compensation, to protect you from potential financial losses due to accidents or damage during installation. It’s also important to confirm that any subcontractors involved in the project carry their own liability insurance.

Tips for Choosing the Right AZ Solar Companies

Evaluating Solar Proposals – Compare & What to Look

To find the best deal and the right fit, get quotes from at least three different AZ solar companies. Here’s how to make the most of those quotes:

1. Request Detailed Quotes: Contact at least three AZ solar companies and ask for thorough quotes that include:

  • A full-price breakdown
  • Details about the equipment they’ll use
  • Financing options they offer
  • Any available discounts or incentives

2. Evaluate and Compare: Look at the quotes side-by-side.  Don’t just focus on the cheapest option. Consider:

  • The quality of the equipment
  • The warranty they provide
  • The company’s overall reputation

3. Ask Questions: Don’t hesitate to ask the company if anything is unclear or missing from the quote. A reputable company will be happy to answer any questions you have.

4. Check References: Ask the companies to provide references from their previous customers. Talking to these people can give real-world insights into the company’s work and customer service.

Choosing a Local Company over a National Company

Opting for a local Arizona solar company can offer several advantages. Local companies are often more knowledgeable about Arizona’s specific solar regulations and incentives, ensuring a smoother installation process. They also tend to be more invested in the community and may offer more personalized customer service. Also, choosing a local company supports the local economy and helps create jobs in your area.


Selecting the best Arizona solar companies requires a comparison process to ensure one gets the best company to work with. It is important to look at the company’s reputation and whether they have been involved in similar projects before, as well as feedback given about the company and its services. 

Evaluate the offer of financing they provide and how well it fits your needs in terms of cost and availability. Consider the quality and performance of the panels they offer and install, and always seek reputable brands with lasting warranties. 

Ask them about the procedures involved in installing them and the professionals who will handle the installation process. Last but not least, excellent customer service and thorough warranties for both the equipment and the work done should be considered while choosing your solar company so that you feel calm in the journey you have begun.

Remember to stay informed, monitor your system, and maintain your panels to enjoy the full benefits of solar power. With the top-rated AZ solar companies, like Sunny Energy, you can harness Arizona’s abundant sunshine and contribute to a sustainable future. Contact us now!

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