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Understanding Solar Technology: Panels, Inverters, and Battery Storage

Understanding Solar Technology: Panels, Inverters, and Battery Storage

There has been significant development in solar technology over the last decade. With more homeowners shifting to solar energy to save money and reduce carbon footprint, it’s good to learn about the technology that’s helping save thousands of dollars per year and increase home values. Sunny Energy discusses these technological advancements in the solar industry here:

The Home Improvement That Pays for Itself

Understanding Solar Technology: Panels, Inverters, and Battery Storage

Solar technology has rapidly evolved and seen a significant reduction in price, about 70% to 80% over the last decade. As a result, homeowners save a lot of money and get great returns on investment. If done right, solar is the only home improvement system that pays for itself even decades after its installation!

Understanding Solar Technology: Panels, Inverters, and Battery Storage

In fact, Sunny Energy customers often see a significant return on investment, with some reporting as high as 14%.

The Efficiency and Performance of Solar Panel Technology

Let’s have a look at the technology behind the savings. Efficiency is often used as the key solar panel characteristic, but overall performance is most important. Our top choice for solar panels is the award-winning REC Alpha Series solar panel which has high efficiency, looks great on the roof, and produces more energy than just about any other panel in its class! This high-performance series has heterojunction (HJT) cell technology and such features as:

  • No LID, which means no power loss, and you get the power you pay for.
  • Leading temperature coefficient, meaning that it produces more energy as temperature rises – a must-have in Arizona heat!
  • Lower degradation and power loss over time – guaranteed no more than 8% loss in 25 years!
  • Delivers around 20% more power from your roof than any other conventional solar panel!

In addition to the solar panels, each system also has an inverter. Essentially, a solar panel converts sunlight into DC energy. The inverter then converts this into electricity that you can use in your home. Any excess energy that you do not use in your home goes into the grid as well. So, give back to the environment by creating your own power and help out your neighborhood!

Sunny Energy uses SolarEdge inverter technology, which has the highest power conversion efficiency in the world. Like micro-inverter technology, each panel is optimized and monitored for optimal power performance, but the power conversion components, which have been known to fail in micro-inverter technology, are not on the roof. Not only do you get more energy, but you also have higher reliability! And, for battery storage with solar applications, Generac inverters are also a great choice with similar characteristics.

Sunny Energy proudly provides homeowners with the latest solar technology on the market so that you’re able to take advantage of the benefits of creating renewable and clean energy – as well as storing it.

The Power of Energy Storage

But what about nighttime? That’s where battery storage comes into play. When there is no sunlight, such as at night or on overcast days, battery storage can help. A homeowner with a battery + solar system can use their solar-generated electricity even after the sun goes down. These batteries also help offset the high-cost peak energy consumption at sunset or night.

Understanding Solar Technology: Panels, Inverters, and Battery Storage

Additionally, you can use this to power your home if the grid is out, like during monsoon season. If there is a power outage, the energy saved up from the battery would keep your lights on.

The SolarEdge or Generac inverter technology used at Sunny Energy is far ahead of the competition, with the capability of adding on battery storage, EV charging, and sophisticated energy management tools.

At Sunny Energy, we believe in providing our customers the latest tech and innovation in solar energy. We constantly look for different ways to integrate better and efficient tools to save money and reduce carbon footprint. We believe renewable and clean energy is the future.

Understanding Solar Technology: Panels, Inverters, and Battery Storage

To learn more about the latest home solar technology, call us today to learn more and start creating your clean energy at 480-536-8700!

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