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Why is Winter the Best Time to Install Solar? To Save Money this Summer!

As the New Year starts and the cool breezes fill the desert air, Arizona homeowners are turning on their heaters and taking advantage of the beautiful cold weather. As they […]

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Why DERA supports clean energy in Arizona, but not Prop 127

The Distributed Energy Resource Alliance (DERA), composed of solar industry companies, professionals and educators, urges Arizonans to vote no on Proposition 127.

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Alternative ways Phoenix homeowners can save money on their utility bill

Summer time in Phoenix, Arizona means higher temperatures and higher utility bills. Many homeowners in Phoenix wonder, how can they lower their utility bill during the hot summer months.

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Preparing to Meet with a Solar Consultant

Getting the most out of your solar system starts with a good Solar Consultant. Finding a knowledgeable Solar Consultant who can help you understand the benefits of solar, design a system for your home, and find the best financing for your family is important in getting the most out of your solar system.

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