Did you know there is an even bigger way to save with APS?

If you are an APS customer, you can benefit from a new APS solar incentive called the Export Rate.

This compensation from APS for your solar energy, is guaranteed by APS not to change for at least 10 years.  Act now because the current export rate is due to expire in August.

How the Export Rate works:

    1. As a new solar owner, you will be guaranteed a flat rate of $0.129/kWh for the excess solar energy you produce, if you purchase solar before the current Export Rate expires in August, 2018.


    1. You will be guaranteed, by APS, this flat rate for the excess solar energy you produce for the next 10 years.


    1. Combined with some of the new APS rate plans, there may be times when the cost of energy from APS is less than the amount they pay you using the Export Rate.


  1. If you wait to install solar after the August deadline, you will miss out on the current Export Rate.

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