why-solar“How big should my solar system be?” …. “How many panels do I need?”…

These are questions we hear quite often. 

Determining how many panels you will need stems directly from your goals. Do you want to eliminate your utility bill and maximize overall savings? Are you looking for the highest return on your investment? Are you interested in protecting your family if the grid goes down for any reason? Do you want to reduce carbon footprint?

A good solar consultant should start by gaining some key information that can help ensure you are getting the right size system.

But, be mindful. 

Many solar companies will maximize for the largest system that can fit on your home (and the most money in their pocket). 

However, we take a different approach. 

(See the difference when you contact Sunny Energy for a FREE virtual solar evaluation.)

That’s because we design for your overall savings, not our bottom line. Our system’s are tailored for you, your home and your goals. We don’t “sell” solar, we take a true interest in your decision to make sure this will be a profitable and beneficial investment for your future. 

And how do we do that? How do we customize a solar system? 

  1. Start with the Basics: After your goals are established, we’ll evaluate how much energy your household consumes. This will give us an idea of how many panels you will need to offset the cost of your utility bill. The easiest way to do this is to gather up the last 12 months of your bill to see how many kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity you use per year and review those in your virtual consultation. We’ll also want to know if you’re expecting to increase energy consumption in the near future, like with an EV charger or an addition to the house, so we can take that into consideration on sizing as well. We’ll go through all of this with you in your virtual consultation, but if you’re curious now for an estimate, head over to our free solar savings calculator for a personalized quote! 
  2. Condition and Position of Your Roof: There are many factors that can determine if your roof is suitable for solar. These include materials such as concrete, composite, curved tile, flat tile, asphalt shingle, and metal. We also look at the direction in which your home is facing. Further, we look at square footage. A good rule-of-thumb says you need 60 to 100 square feet of roof space, depending on obstacles, shaded areas, roof design and complexity, for each kW of system size. Then we inspect the age/condition of your roof to ensure it’s suitable for the amount of panels required. And finally, shading! Having less sunlight exposure will result in lower energy production. However, some shading factors can easily be fixed. 
  3. Understand Your Needs: Solar is on the rise. And what’s working for your neighbor, might not work for you. That’s why we take the time to truly listen to what exactly you wish to accomplish by going solar. This is not a one-size-fits all situation so it’s empirical to have a system that is customized for your family and your household consumption. Only then, will you reap the many benefits if it is designed correctly. 
  4. Educate and Empower: We don’t believe in the slimy solar salesman who boast exaggerated benefits and make endless promises. That’s why we also created a FREE homeowner’s guide to going solar, available on our website! We don’t want to be the biggest solar installation company, we just want to be the best. And we accomplish that with superior service—from start to finish. We want you to save and benefit and we won’t install solar if it isn’t going to be a profitable investment. 
  5. Back it up with Battery and Smart Technology: Solar isn’t limited to just panels. Installing battery storage will add additional security to your home. This allows you to store your energy for later use (hint: expensive peak hours). It also protects your family in the event of an outage and gives you more control over your electricity use. (Check out our limited time offer where you can get $1500 cash back when you install solar+battery!) We also provide additional smart technology that allows you to monitor your system. This means you can see how much energy your solar system produces, how much energy you use, and how much you buy from the utility company. All in one, easy to use application.
  6. Offer Superior Financial Solutions: Funding for solar depends on your lifestyle, taxable income, personal preference and your desired savings. That’s why we offer several financial options to suit your needs. These include: cash, finance and lease— all of which have their own set of requirements and advantages. Further, we also help to incorporate both state and federal incentives, which can help offset the initial cost of going solar. 
  7. Handle it All In-House: Once we establish your goals, evaluate your household energy consumption, examine your roof, discuss additional/smart technology and go over financing options, we can then design and build your customized system. We also take care of permits, city inspections, utility connection and proper testing to make sure your system is running efficiently and effectively.

Sunny Energy is committed to providing homeowners with a better way to power their lives.We have tailored thousands of systems and we can help you, too!

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