Many Arizona homeowners wonder, is their roof right for solar? Every roof is unique from style, size, shape, and material. There are many factors that can determine if your roof is suitable for solar.

When looking into purchasing a solar system, consider these tips below to see if solar is right for your home.

    1. Shading
      Shading can play a major factor in the production of solar energy. If your roof is shaded by a tree, it will reduce the amount of sunlight exposure your panels will get. Having less sunlight exposure will result in lower energy production. However, this issue can be easily fixed by trimming the trees. Sunny Energy’s home solar designer will let you know if we suspect some shading on your system.


    1. Roof Material
      Every home is designed differently including roof types. There are many different kinds of roof types that are great for solar such as concrete, composite, curved tile, flat tile, asphalt shingle and metal. However, not all roof material is a good fit for solar. For example, roof material such as clay tile is too brittle and may be easily damaged during installation. Sunny Energy will let you know after our initial inspection for solar on your home if we have any roofing recommendations.


    1. Orientation
      The orientation (azimuth) is the direction that your roof faces. The best solar production is on a south facing roof, but west or east also work very well. In fact, a west (or sometimes an east) orientation will result in lower energy production, it may help you save more money by producing energy during times when the cost of electricity is highest! We do not usually recommend installing solar on a north facing roof, but sometimes it makes sense to put some of the system there. Sunny Energy’s design team will help you through these decisions for solar on your home.


    1. Square Footage
      How much square footage your roof has available plays a major factor into how many solar panels can be installed on your roof. For a residential home in Arizona, we find that the average solar system size is 8 kilowatts (kW). A good rule-of-thumb says you need 60 to 100 square feet of roof space, depending on obstacles, shaded areas, roof design and complexity, for each kW of system size. Before Sunny Energy commits to installing solar on your home, we’ll check the roof and let you know our recommendations.


  1. Roof Age
    The solar panel warranty is 25 years, and they will usually keep working well beyond that amount of time. If your roof is still under warranty and it’s in good condition, it is perfect for solar. If your roof needs to be replaced soon, you may want to replace it prior to installing solar. You can replace your roof after installation however, it will involve removal of racks and panels and re-installation which may be costly. Sunny Energy’s initial field inspection for home solar includes an assessment of your roof, and we will let you know if we find anything of concern.

Sunny Energy can help Arizona homeowners save with solar. Sunny Energy was named a top solar installer by Solar Reviews and a top solar contractor by Solar Power World.

We can help design the best solution for your home and help you understand if your home is best suited for solar. Give us a call for a hassle-free solar consultation.

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