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SOLD OUT: APS Brings Back First Solar + Battery Storage Incentive in 9 Years

SOLD OUT: APS Brings Back First Solar + Battery Storage Incentive in 9 Years

SOLD OUT: Arizona Public Service (APS) released a new incentive program for solar – and the first in many years! APS offers an incredible opportunity for those who want solar and battery storage for their home, but availability is limited and will go quickly.

We want our customers to have everything they need to lock in the offer!

The APS Residential Battery Pilot is the incentive program that the utility company created to learn more about battery performance in various conditions and how batteries may create value for customers, and utility grid stability benefits, through improved management of energy. With this, APS pays their clients that participate in this program by providing data and battery management options. There are two options:

  • Option 1: Data Only – This incentive allows customers to share their battery system performance data with APS. They are made eligible for an incentive of $500 per installed kilowatt of battery capacity—this incentive caps at $2,500 at a maximum.
  • Option 2: Data and Battery Management – This option allows APS access to the customer’s data associated with the battery system. They would also share up to 80% of the battery system’s capacity up to 100 events a year. Like the Data Only plan, the customer is eligible for a $500/kilowatt (max $2,500 per home) for installed battery capacity. There is an additional $1,250 as well, bringing the maximum incentive to $3,750 per home. Don’t be concerned with APS using your battery for up to 100 events per year. They plan to do this in ways that maintain maximum savings for you, while slightly altering the way your battery discharges to the grid.

Both incentives are one-time, upfront incentives paid to customers when APS approves their systems. To participate, customers must submit a pilot enrollment and an Interconnection Application. Please note that the Interconnection Application must be submitted by a licensed installer and approved by them. (Sunny Energy is a licensed installer and we will handle this part!) The pilot participants must be in APS territory and on a time-of-use (TOU) service plan or grandfathered service plan with a solar rate rider.

This incentive can be used in addition to the 26% Federal Tax Credit and the $1,000 Arizona State Tax Credit.

An Exclusive and Limited Offer

APS has a limited budget. We estimate this incentive to be available for no more than 1,000 customers! We expect that the incentive will be sold out by the end of 2021 or sooner.

If you’re contemplating shifting to solar, this could be a great way to start your savings process!

To learn more about the latest home solar technology and the APS incentive discussed in this article, call us today to learn more and start creating your clean energy at 480-536-8700!

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