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Why Do Homeowners Go Solar in Arizona in the Winter?

Why Do Homeowners Go Solar in Arizona in the Winter?

There are several reasons why homeowners shift to solar. Whether it’s summer or winter, the best time to make the change is now. The longer you wait to go solar, the more you delay savings. Many homeowners in the summer feel the pain of high energy bills and want to go solar then. But just like building a pool in the winter, sets you up for a summer of splashing around, a solar system built in the winter sets you up for a summer of savings!

A Prudent Way to Save Money

In addition to the various incentives available to help pay for solar, you also save money by creating your own clean energy. Shifting to solar energy allows you to reduce your energy costs. The goal of renewable energy is not just to create a clean and safe environment, but also to allow homeowners to reduce expenses from their utility bills.

If you plan on getting your solar system installed during this winter, you’ll be up and running by the time the heat of summer sets in, causing high utility bills due to air conditioning use.

Gain Independence from the Utility Company Rates and Become an Energy Seller

If you power your home only through a utility company, like APS or SRP, you’re living at the mercy of rate hikes with no way to protect your family if the power goes out.

Installing a home solar system allows homeowners to break free from the utility monopoly and take their power back. Homeowners with solar plus battery can create energy during the day and use it whenever they want like at nighttime, during on-peak hours or when the power goes out.

While solar systems still connect to the grid, they still provide a significant advantage of reducing costs and overreliance on the utility.

Many systems generate enough power that they can give back to the grid and the utility will pay you for it. In fact, most solar systems build up utility billing credits each spring that help pay for high summer utility bills!

Providing Comfort and Protection in Dark Times

In the monsoon season, in particular, the power can go out and leave homeowners in the dark if they don’t have solar and battery. Energy stored in the battery can keep the lights on, the wifi working, and your food cold.

BONUS: Increasing Your Home Value

Savings and protecting your family in a power outage are the top two reasons homeowners go solar in the winter. But did you know that homes installed with solar system technology sell for 4% more than homes without, according to Zillow? A renewable source of energy sounds a lot better for aspiring homeowners and adds a lot more to your home value. Simply, a home with solar energy costs less to operate and therefore makes a listing better sounding in the market and allows you to afford a nicer and more efficient home.

So, don’t wait until the summer to set up your home solar system. If you’re looking for a sign, this is it! You can even get a reliable quote for your future project in 5 minutes or less here or you can call us today to learn more and start creating your clean energy at 480-536-8700!

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