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Robson Ranch Goes Solar with Sunny Energy

Robson Ranch Goes Solar with Sunny Energy

The Robson Ranch community is a shining beacon of clean and renewable energy. Sunny Energy has proudly installed over 100 home solar systems for homeowners in Robson Ranch who want to save money, reduce their carbon footprint and break free from utility rate hikes.

Robson Ranch Chooses Sunny Energy

Sunny Energy prides itself on providing accurate, professional, and reliable workmanship. Our founders have 14 years’ each worth of experience in the field of solar energy and pride themselves on providing excellent service, the best technology for quality and price, and a knowledgeable staff to handle every step. It’s easy to see how homeowners in Robson Ranch, one the largest, premier residential communities in Arizona, choose Sunny Energy for their solar home needs, again and again.

Top-tier Solar Consultants

We make sure that all of our solar consultants are informed and knowledgeable. One of our top solar consultants, Rich Mason, is an essential part of the Robson Ranch solar installation. Rich handles all of our ED4 Utility clients, which the Robson Ranch is a part of. He’s a highly-recommended specialist with great reviews all over the state!

“Rich Mason was patient and not pushy,” Laura J mentions in her review, “financing was easily arranged.” Another reviewer, Michael F, mentions that he worked with Rich in the past and that came back to him again. His installers are good workers, provide clean work, and, as per the standards of Sunny Energy, install a well-running system.

If you want someone reliable to handle your home solar prospects and you’re under the ED4 Utility, you can give Rich Mason a call at 480-771-0702 or Sunny Energy at 480-470-9545.

If you’re looking for a solar sign, this is it!

There are many reasons to go solar and Robson Ranch ascribed to these reasons. A home solar system can do many things for you and save you thousands of dollars. A well-designed system significantly reduces your utility bills and that’s why it’s an investment that “pays for itself” in long-term observations. With a decent solar system and battery storage, you could also offset the peak energy consumption times during the day and provide lighting if there is a sudden blackout. And if you have a surplus of energy generated from your solar system, you can also give back to the grid and get paid back for the energy you send out in excess.

More than that, you could also take advantage of various incentives provided by the local utilities, the state of Arizona, and our Federal government. If you qualify for these incentives, you get as much as $3,750 upfront! You can also get the 26% federal solar tax credit and the $1,000 Arizona tax credit if you qualify.

So, if you’re looking for a reason to start your shift to solar energy, now is the time to take advantage! Give Rich a call at 480-771-0702, or Sunny Energy at 480-470-9545 and talk to our solar specialists or you can visit our website. If you’re hoping to avoid consultants altogether, you can have a general sense of the costs of your project by taking our online solar quote tool. It’s FREE and you can get reliable results in just 5 minutes (no contact information required)!

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