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Solar Incentives for Arizona Homeowners

With the amount of sunshine that Arizona gets in a year (296 days out of the year!), it’s only natural to take advantage of solar incentives. Homeowners can get help paying for solar and battery with Federal and State tax credits and incentive programs. Our team of solar consultants can help you get all of the incentives available to you but here’s a look at some you won’t want to miss out on:

26% Federal Tax Credit

This is a time-sensitive incentive that has been very popular. As of December of 2020, Congress recognized the popularity and importance of home solar energy and extended this program. It is a 26% tax credit for homeowners that decide to shift to solar energy.

This incentive is called the Investment Tax Credit, or ITC, it is also referred to as the Federal Solar Tax Credit. Essentially, this benefit allows you to reduce your federal taxes by 26% of the cost of your home solar system until 2023 if you qualify.

$1,000 Arizona State Tax Credit

The state of Arizona also offers homeowners who qualify, a 10% tax credit, up to a maximum of $1000, for going solar.

APS Battery Incentive

Arizona Public Service, the state’s largest utility company, also offers an amazing incentive for homeowners that add solar and battery storage for their homes. APS offers an incentive that may be paid directly to you after you install your system; this may reach up to $3,750! With this incentive plus the $1,000 state tax credit and the Federal 26% ITC, this could save you thousands of bucks.

However, like the ITC, we predict that this incentive won’t last for much longer so make sure to call us, or send us a message as soon as possible and inquire about the current status of these incentives. Sunny Energy is here to guide you throughout the whole process as fast as possible!

Tax Exemptions

There are several tax exemptions that homeowners with solar energy could use including the Energy Equipment Property Tax Exemption, which prevents your property taxes from increasing based only on a home solar system that you have installed. This could save you thousands of dollars as well as increase the value of your home.

Increasing Your Home Value

Homes with solar sell for more than homes without solar! Why? They’re more cost-effective to live in and they’re more appealing to buyers. Zillow says that a home that has solar sells for 4.1% more than those houses without.

If you’re planning to sell your home faster and for additional value, it’s a great idea to invest in a home solar system. Going solar means saving while you live in your home and adding value when you decide to sell.

Benefits and Incentives: One Call Away

At Sunny Energy, we believe in the power and benefits of renewable, clean energy. Our solar consultants are reliable, informative, and professional. We make sure that our clients get the best incentives and benefits they expect from their systems.

If you have any lingering questions on your mind regarding the ITC or the APS Residential Battery Pilot incentives, you can call us at 480-470-9545. If you’re curious about solar energy but aren’t ready to talk to someone, you can get a FREE, online quote in 5 minutes or less (hint: you don’t have to share contact information!) Get started with our solar quote tool here.

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